What we do for health providers

If you want to learn how we help medical professionals you’re in the right place. Read to learn how we managed to help to grow our customers businesses fast.

Constant Education

We are passionate about end user education. No matter what gear, technology, and professional IT support you have, your users are the #1 threat to your data. We will spend the time to communicate good “click” habits to your staff and would be happy to set up a training session with your team.

Dark Web Scan

Medical records on the dark web are far more valuable than credit card data, therefore healthcare organizations are constantly under attack from hackers. Many small businesses do not spend time and money on protection and cyber thieves know this and take advantage. Take actions before it's too late.

Flat Fee IT Support

If you are doing your own IT, you are THE most expensive IT you could possibly hire. Threats are evolving and ever changing. A business owner cannot do this on their own. You need to engage with experts who are talking to other experts to properly protect your data and therefore your business.

We help you to streamline your business

Think you cannot afford professional IT support? The truth is that it is much more affordable than you might think and MUCH less than having an IT professional on your payroll. By outsourcing to DanTech Services rather than hiring an IT professional you will not have to worry about your IT person calling in sick, moving out of the area, or resigning for other reasons. You will have our “bench” of technicians taking care of your IT needs. We constantly stay on top of HIPAA and NIST requirements and cyber security trends and breach prevention. We attend training and webinars, work closely with our vendors, and network with other IT professionals to stay abreast of the latest technologies.

For us to best serve your organization, we provide managed and monitored services to protect your network, users and data. This requires that we collect the information needed to know how best to provide that support. A local network & security assessment provides the information needed to determine what we see as the best response to your needs. THIS is the level of detail you need to be HIPAA, NIST, etc. compliant… safe against the cyber thieves.

If your business suffers a data breach, over and above the fines you may have to pay, what is your reputation in the community worth? Can you even assign a dollar amount to it? When you see the local news reporters in your reception area to interview you it is too late.